Our 250th Anniversary

On Sunday, July 22, 2001 the Abington Congregational Church was proud to celebrate the 250th anniversary of both our church building and our congregation. At our service of worship that morning we were pleased to have preach the Reverend Dr. Davida Crabtree, the Connecticut Conference Minister of the UCC. On the platform with our minister the Reverend Dr. Bruce Hedman, we were honored also to have the Reverend Judith Hjorth, the UCC Northern Regional Minister, Ms. Majorie Brown, Moderator of the Windham Association of the UCC, and the Reverend Leroy Schrump, former pastor and current moderator of the Abington Congregational Church.

We invited as many of our former pastors to attend as were able. We were pleased to have come the Reverend and Mrs. Ray Hahn, the Reverend David Eusden, and the Reverend Jon Day.

After our Sunday service of worship a buffet luncheon was catered under tents outdoors, while we were entertained by the Old Time Fiddlers from Rhode Island.

Here are some photographs from this important day. Our thanks to our talented church photographer Mr. Zigmund Janeczek for his wonderful images.

Above Dr. Hedman introduces, from left to right, the Reverend Leroy Schrump, the Reverend Judith Hjorth, and Dr. Davida Crabtree.

Above Ms. Majorie Brown brings greetings from the Windham Association of the UCC.

Above, greeting the congregation after the service, from left to right, are the Reverend Jon Day, the Reverend Judith Hjorth, Dr. Davida Crabtree, and Dr. Hedman.

Above the Old Time Fiddlers are getting ready to entertain during the luncheon.

Our organist Ethel Platt chats with the Reverend David Eusden, who supplied the Abington pulpit while Dr. Hedman was away for six months on sabbatical in 1998.

Above Glenna Bruno, facing the camera, chats with Ginny Gellart.

Above, left to right, Glenna Bruno, Lois Brandt, and Virginia Kelsey sing our choral anthem behind our organist Ethel Platt, during our anniversary service of worship.

Above, our author Marc Johnson stands behind the table displaying his book about the history of our church. Beside him is his publisher Peter Cherici from Hampton, CT.

Above, left to right, Salley Kivela chats with Irene Hahn, Ray Hahn, Eddie Ellsworth, and Herb Scott.

Above we see Ginny and Ted Gellert.
Above, left to right, Lois McCarthy chats with Sally Kivela and Jon Day.

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