The Kirking o' the Tartan

On June 25, 2000 the Abington Church held its third "Kirking o' the Tartan," a Scottish Sunday which remembers how the Christian faith was passed on to us through our Scottish ancestors. The pipes and drums of Sphynx Temple Highlanders provided sacred music during our worship service, and afterwards outside gave a concert of memorable Scottish tunes. Worshipers were invited to wear garments of tartan cloth, and many sported kilts. During a "roll call" of the clans Dr. Hedman asked worshipers to announce the clans of their ancestors. Dr. Hedman preached on the life of St. Margaret, Scotland's only canonized monarch. The text of his sermon may be read by clicking on the link below.

St. Margaret, Scotland's Saintly Queen

The service of "The Kirking o' the Tartan" was first celebrated by the Reverend Peter Marshall in 1941 at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, as a way of bringing together the British and American service personnel stationed in our capitol during the Second World War.

Here are some photographs taken at our "Kirking o' the Tartan."

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